London based Construction Consultants - Build Partnerships Ltd

Tendering & Estimating

Professional tendering and estimating of projects on behalf of main contractors, sub-contractors, developers and private clients.

Comprehensive Project Due Diligence

Complete and expert analysis of projects with full inclusion of all financial details, such as cost plan and management.

Project Valuations

The provision of accurate and detailed fortnightly/monthly valuations for payment solutions to value the works completed on-site and to ensure that the completed work is paid for.


Assisting and advising the process of purchasing goods or services through conducting a thorough sourcing and vetting of suppliers that are more economically affordable and profitable for your business.

Profit & Loss (P&L)

Ongoing auditing of fortnightly/monthly statements that convey accurate information on your jobs with the inclusion of employee and job performance observations to ensure true profit creation.

Cash Flow Management

Supervision and streamlining of cash flow planning into shorter periods with recordings of cash movement. This will account for preparation and more exact calculations of future incoming cash flows.

Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR)

Accurate monitoring and comparison of actual project costs against the value of the works, including profit to demonstrate bottom line.

Final Account Settlement

Professional and simple final account documentation that covers all construction costs, including all variations which will feature total spend.

Project Management

A proficient service controlling a project’s time, cost and quality, specialising in project supervision practices that manages the planning, design, and construction of a project from start to finish.

Progress Reporting

Comprehensive assessment conveying specifics on project goals, sub-goals, expended resources, project difficulties and on-time completion within budget.


The implementation of a bespoke and carefully considered schedule detailing the estimated commencement and duration of each stage required from the project.

Time Management

Efficient and organised scheduling of strategy implementation relating to the time that is mandatory for work activities on a project. This offers successful meeting of budget and programme targets, whilst fundamentally achieving profitability.

Dispute Resolution

For legal and law-bound issues within a project or development on behalf of main contractors, sub-contractors, developers and private clients.